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People-Centred Change

We have a proven track record in developing organisation performance through the effective leadership and management of people. From legal compliance to executive coaching, we offer services to suit the bespoke business needs.

The team at Peer Genius are industry experts that are on hand to support the business to deliver the set organisational goals through effective people management incentives and strategies.

What Sets Us Apart

Our passion for creating high performing organisations is what drives us. We steer companies towards the right investments of time and resources. We view ourselves as a critical friend to the organisations we work with; fully embedding ourselves so we are best placed to offer creative solutions that are strategically aligned.

Modern People Management Approaches

Peer Genius continuously improves and innovates thinking and strategies to help businesses and entrepreneurs overcome stubborn and complex organisational challenges.

Work With Us

What Our Clients Say

Simon Robinson, Employment Solicitor, Robinson Ralph Limited

“I’ve been working as a key partner with Peer Genius since Sarah and I first started to run the HRD networking sessions in late 2019. Sarah has worked tirelessly to get the right people in the same place together at the same time – even during Lockdown, whereby she has taken the business seamlessly online. She is hard-working, committed and relentless in hunting down talented speakers to engage with and provide maximum value to the HRD’s that we support. Totally committed to bringing the best out of everyone, Sarah innovates and flexes depending on the needs of her market – the perfect, ethical professional with whom to collaborate.”

Peer Genius Services

Peer Genius is your one-stop consultancy for companies and organisations that are ready to move forward to stable strategies for employee development and business performance. We offer the following services:

  • Assessments and Experiential Learning
  • People and Business Strategy
  • Cultural Intelligence and Assessment
  • Governance & Regulation
  • Strategic Human Resources
  • Succession Planning
  • Talent Retention
  • Executive Coaching and Personal Progress Planning
  • Early Career Planning

What to Expect from our Client Partnership

As your trusted partner we are fully embedded in your organisation to be a critical friend that gives you honest opinions in the best interest of the business.

Our commercial approach means our advice and practices demonstrate a return of investment and aim to support the set business objectives.
Our up-to-date thinking, market knowledge and technical ability ensure you are always getting the latest advice in the people management arena.
We maximise your people investment allowing your organisation to have more ability to service your clients allowing you to be at the forefront of your market.

Welcome From The Founder

Sarah Potter, CEO of Peer Genius

Hello, I am Sarah Potter. I have been interested in human resources since my early career. I have a Master's in Human Resource Management from the University of Wolverhampton and a Level 7 qualification in Executive Coaching from the Institute of Leadership and Management. What is my passion? The sense of contentment I receive when I am aiding people and organisations to do better for themselves, each other, and those they serve.

I got into people management during my early career when I was 18 and had my first governmental HR leadership role at 21. This is when I innovated how we reviewed council employees based objectively on performance, not politics. The resources and tools I created from that experience laid the groundwork for me being able to grow and progress to solve bigger and more complex problems for larger organisations. This is why I created Peer Genius. My mission is to support CEOs, Managers and HR Professionals to develop great people management strategies. So start your journey with us today!

Support For HR Professionals

Start leading people-centred change today! Toolkits and training will transform your professional confidence and skills to evolve and meet the needs of every business.

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